Rainbow Six Siege Needs Better Stat Tracking Tools


09.11.2018 @ 04.33

Another change that is substantial would be the fixes for the weapon sight misalignment that is longstanding. While the first bullet fired -- particularly against weapons - would hit at which the reticule of a weapon sight was positioned, any shot after that would be ever-so-slightly off. This causes significant problems in a match such as Siege, in which being pixel-perfect may be the difference between killing an enemy and being murdered.

To do so, the recoil system is being overhauled. The problem was due to how the sights interact with the game's field-of-view (FOV) and so that was eliminated. Ubisoft claims this change will be the start of a discussion about weapons, with improvements and tests for other changes.

There will also be many quality-of-life progress that are general. Among the greatest changes for gamers of all skill levels is operator picks that are idle will work: Recruit is no longer the default option. Instead, a operator from those the player has unlocked and are still available for selection, will be chosen instead. Because Recruit is not considered a character most of the time this is helpful. Howeverthey will still be an option for dedicated Recruit players that prefer to make use of gear pool and their gadget.

In a movement that anybody who's ever played an online game can enjoy, players may mute both teammates and the enemy team on both voice and text chat. This is a portion of the ongoing attempts to reduce in-game toxicity following the automatic prohibits from the game for using speech of Ubisoft. Siege is notorious for its loud, poisonous minority and so this push.'Rainbow Six Siege' Leak Hints at Halloween Event.

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