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On that note, there's also a warm community. I actually don't really mess about on Reddit, so my entire Mapler friends I've met on Twitter or in-game proper, and any questions I have had about the game and the world were easily reachable. This might be the first MMO where I wasn't told to go kill myself just for asking a question of someone, which is a pretty neat occurrence. Most people

I know have guilds to join in case you need (including Derpchu who had to create a second guild since her fanbase/community is too large for one), and guilds are a great way to find new friends and handle content without relying on arbitrary parties. I've had a excellent time in MapleStory 2. Surethere are always likely to be jerks, and individuals spamming for gold selling in a free-to-play, however they do not really take too much from the game. I just swap to a different station or scatter them as I visit them.

My desk isn't what you would call comfortable. And of course I spend a reasonable amount of my day playing some kind of PC game, or registering news/reviews/editorials/et cetera, so any game I can play a controller gets a big up out of me. However, the controller service also must be"great". Now I did notice a problem once I made a new character where all of my buttons were reversed or mixed-up in some manner but simply resetting them to"default" made it work just fine .

I still use the computer keyboard hotkeys to manage my inventory and menus, but I don't have to -- I will just press"Options" on my PS4 control to pull up those. I only happen to wait till nothing's going down to manage skill points and items. Hell, I will use a healing thing while spinning around and slashing items to pieces without it being a sort of horrific chore.There are lots of MMOgo out but not many that I frankly enjoy messing about and logging into.…


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