women are becoming a bigger focus


30.09.2019 @ 10.11

CORAOPOLIS, Pa. — Dick’s Sporting Goods might be best known as the place for a Little League Baseball coach to stop in

for new gloves, a high-school basketball player to buy sneakers or an amateur golfer to pick up a new putter. But the

sporting goods retailer, now the last national player left standing and so a category killer in its industry, wants more

women to shop there, realizing it’s always placed a bigger emphasis on men. To do this, it is making sure it has the

products [url=https://www.adidasfemmevetem… originals femme[/url] women are

looking for.

“We’ve been somewhat maniacal with the brands about a lack of product assortment for girls and women. ... We get a lot

of complaints, understandably, from either girls or parents of girls who don’t feel like when they go into the store

there’s enough product at all levels ... and product for them,” President Lauren Hobart said at the Goldman Sachs

Global Retailing [url=https://www.adidasfemmevetem… femme pas cher[/url] Conference earlier this month.

“We’ve got our own private brands that we’re trying to [use to] address the issue ... and we’re doing everything we

can to get the [national] brands to meet it,” she said. The effort comes as Dick’s Sporting Goods is beginning to pull

itself out of a sales slump. Sales at stores open for at least 12 months were up 3.2% in the latest quarter, following

seven consecutive quarters of either flat growth or losses. A successful attempt to woo more female customers could help

boost [url=https://www.adidasfemmevetem… running femme[/url] the business overall,

and keep it growing.

Shares of Dick’s Sporting Goods are up more than 30% this year, with more investors betting on a successful turnaround.

The company has been strengthening its relationships with top brands such as Nike and Adidas and adding more touch-and-

feel opportunities in stores. It’s also growing its private labels for apparel and accessories, which is where women

are [url=https://www.adidasfemmevetem… running femme vetement[/url] becoming a

bigger focus.


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