Timberland’s Contrast Collar Boot


30.09.2019 @ 10.42

A fall outfit isn’t complete [url=www.bootssale.co.uk/… boots sale uk[/url] without a good pair of

leather or suede boots. A well-made pair of boots can look good with any outfit. Whether it’s for a romantic evening

out, a fishing trip, or hiking, your leather boots will never feel out of place. First introduced some 5,000 years ago,

boots are still being used for the very same purpose. If history tells us one thing about them, is that it’s they’re

the perfect balance between form and function. Here’s how to step up your boot game this fall.

Timberland boots didn’t become fashionable [url=www.bootssale.co.uk/… timberland boots uk outlet[/url]

until hip-hop artists in the 1990s began adopting them as a part of street-wear style. Today, it has become one of the

most well-respected names in the industry because Timberland shoes are exceptionally well made and stylish and can take

a pretty heavy beating before needing to be replaced or resoled. Made of 100% leather, its Contrast Collar Boot is

versatile enough to wear during the fall and winter, especially when one is trudging through snow and ice.

Concepts and Timberland have [url=www.bootssale.co.uk/… boots womens sale[/url] reunited for a new 6”

Boot collaboration, this time focusing on an all-weather style that will last through the winter months. The Concepts x

Timberland 6” “LFOD” boot is specifically built to withstand urban terrain and is well-prepared for inclement weather

in rougher seasons.

Featuring a textured GORE-TEX®️ black-suede upper, the boots [url=www.bootssale.co.uk/… boots men uk

outlet[/url] also pay tribute to New England, the original home of both brands. The boots are decorated with bold white

embroidery that reads “LIBERUM VIVERE AUT MORI” across a black corduroy collar in all caps, which loosely translates

to New Hampshire’s state motto, “Live Free or Die” (LFOD). As a cherry on top of its New England inspiration, the

boot also features tartan sock liners. Finally, a soft seafoam green leather patch with a purple Concepts logo completes

the shoe.


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