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The Way Forward Sports Articles | September 6 Cheap Drew Sample Jersey , 2008
With an unexpected defeat at Numancia, the new Barcelona coach could find himself in some trouble. But all doesn't looks lost. he still have one of the best squads in the world and if he can tighten some areas they would be real tough to beat.

London based media centers were too happy to pounce on to Barcelona's defeat to lowly Numancia. Now that reaction from a media dedicated to a different league does reiterates the fact that a Barcelona revival is one thing these guys really fear. All these media houses were more than happy to see Barcelona failing to carry forward their pre-season form. For all the flair of the best team in England Cheap Jonah Williams Jersey , Manchester United did fear a completely out of sort Barcelona last year. To the build up of that game the analysts actually predicted a drubbing of Barcelona by Ronaldo and Company (These are the same guys who equated Rooney to Pele, now which does not surprise isn't it?). So it is better to discard the match report and analysis these guys are bringing.

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But there are some worrying signs for Barcelona. Firstly it comes from the Manager itself. Guardiola attributed the failure to a system Numancia played - "they put ten man on the ball and it is hard to break". I do agree that this was the truth and Numancia's game plan. But doesn?t he know about this? For the last two season every team whether big or small are doing this to us with very great success. In Camp Nou we were able to use the width of the pitch and the home crowd?s passion to overcome this Cheap Joe Mixon Jersey , but away from home we simply failed to do anything about it. This has been happening for the last two seasons and is looking like to continue for some time also.

Barcelona under Rijkaard always played the fast, silky kind of football. This became the trademark of our style and no one wants the team to discard this style. Barcelona as a club always believed in playing football in a particular way and that connot be and need not be changed. But Guradiola cannot for once put everything behind this style. The problem with Barcelona attack is that they are very predictable. None of the players will try something new. So it becomes easy to defend. Look at what Numancia did; the moment Barcelona goes forward they crowd themselves in and around the box. There is a 90% guarantee that Barcelona midfielders or defenders will not try the long range shots even though they have guys like Marquez Cheap Jessie Bates III Jersey , Xavi and Toure who can do that well. This were Guardiola needs to immediately look into - he needs to make sure that there is a plan B which can be used when nothing else is working. Some long range shots would at least draw some defenders out of the box and that could open up the space.

The second matter Guardiola needs to look into it is the lack of tempo on attack. Barcelona during the early part of Rijkaard era played the most exciting style of football. One aspect of that was the speed with which it was played. They regularly caught the defense off-guarded through their skill and most importantly speed. The Ronaldinho goals in Bernabeu were prime examples of these. He needs to look into thios in training session. In the Numancia match also the moment Bojan and Hleb came we looked more potent in attack; because they were able to instill huge pace into proceeding. In this aspect he has to make a decision whether a not so full fit and agile Henry needs to start or not? These two aspects need to be addressed in the training grounds. There is no need to panic about this defeat; but there surely a need to introspect the team. I haven't touched upon the defensive issues here as it does not look like is going to have an easy solution. A replacement for Abidal needs to be looked in. But for the time being Barcelona needs to concentrate more on the offensive versatility. Our strength always has been the amount of clear cut chances we created and they look like drying up. Pep, its time to act now. With one of the best displays Cheap A.J. Green Jersey , stereo speakers and a sleek design, the XPERIA XZ3 from Sony is an impressive smartphone. Here are some of the most useful and less obvious features and options Michael Jordan Jersey , some of which are standard features that appear on many Android phones, and others that are specific to Sony's flagship product. These are our top tips for Sony XPERIA XZ3. You have a beautiful 6-inch OLED screen that you can play with Renell Wren Jersey , so two apps can be opened at the same time. The easiest way to trigger the split screen is by tapping the "Last Update" button on the screen - the square icon at the bottom right - and then tapping on one of the apps you want to open and dragging it up where " Drag "will display split screen. You can then select an app for the bottom half of the screen.

If you want to resize, just tap and hold the rectangle in the middle. To return to full-screen mode Ryan Finley Jersey , drag the divider all the way up or down with one of the apps.


Many people seem to dislike automatic brightness, which automatically adjusts the brightness of your screen to the amount of light in your environment. Adaptive Brightness in Android 9 Pie also uses machine learning to learn your habits in increasing and decreasing brightness. This is much more useful. Now if you go into a dark room and notice that the brightness is too low simply swipe down from the top with two fingers and set the brightness slider to the desired minimum. Adjust the brightness to your liking if it does not look right Germaine Pratt Jersey , and the system should learn your preferences and automatically adjust to the desired level.

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