Madden NFL 23 apologizes for officiating mistake


06.10.2022 @ 11.56

As per the investigation report by the police department, Simon refused to move his car to accommodate the police officer who was stationed in the city in Eunice, La. Instead, he was reported to have turned his radio up and threatened to get the officer fired if she attempted to write Simon a ticket. In talking with PFT, Schaffer added "I am shocked by what happened to the Eunice, Louisiana police department."

The arrest clearly comes in a difficult timing for Simon, who is currently waiting to know the place he'll start his Madden NFL 23 professional career. Simon is thought to be a fourth- or fifth-round draft pick after the intercept of four passes with 13 breakups of passes as a junior in the last season. The unfortunate thing for him is that the incident on Thursday has the potential to hurt his draft stock.

Eunice is a town that has just 10.000 residents roughly 90 miles from Baton Rouge. For now, the town is planning to hold a funeral for Simon on Friday night.

Madden NFL 23 apologizes for officiating mistake that cost Ravens the win

The Madden NFL 23 says officials made mistakes on the final play played between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, as reported by Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun. Madden NFL 23 spokesperson Michael Signora said that officials missed a false start by the Jaguars that would force the end of the game prior to having a a chance to kick a game-winning field goal.

"The correct decision in this instance was to penalize the offense due to a false kick-off because the 11 players weren't set, and whistle to stop the game," Signora said, via Zrebiec. "The 10 seconds of runoff that followed should have ended the game."

The Jaguars started to dominate with 1:06 remaining in the game. They were down one point, and the quarterback Blake Bortles led them down the field until they reached the Baltimore 49-yard line. When faced with a fourth-and-4. Bortles was sacked however Ravens quarterback Elvis Dumervil was called for an 15-yard facemask violation. This set the Jaguars up with a field goal attempt of 53 yards and no time on their clock.

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