When he does possess a dragon pick, it'll be a close race imo.


04.02.2021 @ 09.51

Lol seriously if he's got membership and he powermine in living rocks carven along with the 16 lvls difference, u seriously don't have any chance but when he simply going to powermine iron to 99 u will likely get to 99 dung first. 16 levels is not a ton of exp below the 70's of levels. You need 77 mining for coal that is concentrated, and you ought to bank it instead of powermine.

When he does possess a dragon pick, it'll be a close race imo. Exp rates shouldn't be serverely different, but if you've got a fantastic team, I think you'll make it original. Yes its alot of xp since dung can be slow at lvls under 70. Plus powermining is alot quicker thats why I stated he has no opportunity if he's powermining. Level 70 is below 1 million exp, you require 13 million exp to get 99. The very first 1m (even as much as the first 6m tbh) doesn't make a single bit of difference, even at 80 mining that the miner has reached his best exp speed that's under 100k a hour.

The dunger the more he levels gets faster and faster, at around level 70 he tops the miners top rate (provided he's a good group ), I dont understand why you guys cant see that this really is a 1 horse race. The dunger should choose a skill that is slower to make things more powerful. Regardless of being fair, we chose these abilities because we enjoy doing them. To clear somethings up we are both associates and my brother does not own a dragon pickaxe. A dragon pick for mining is similar to a fantastic team for dung. Without it, it is still possible, but far harder. The only reasonable way you'll lose is if you solo and he receives a d pick.

I found out that Maples cost went down, and flax/bow strings as well. But as Pking has been realeased also, maples are in high need for F2P. My buddy told me to make them, so that I did. Basically I believe fletching is the easiest and among the quickest, and it may make you 100k a hour to sit here and click and post back every like 15 minutes. I got 70 today because fletching maple longs is quicker than alching and makes cash faster. So I would just like to ask before I finish my final set of maples, just how much can Yew longs make Xp/Hour?

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