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Inform him that you will help and he will inform you about a magician that has a breathing orb enabling you to breath even in the deepest of waters in the Wizards' Tower. Proceed to the Wizards' Tower in the basement and there'll be a magician called Terran. Communicate with him and he'll tell you he has unfortunately dropped the orb into a group of goblins looking for cash. Proceed into Goblin Village and speak to General Wartface or Bentnoze, he'll inform you that a mad group of goblins went to the southern lands for riches to buy weapons to conquer some other set of goblins.

You will also learn from them which the goblins exchange the items at a goblin in a home in the southern part of Goblin Village. Speak to Lug at a home in the southern part of Goblin Village and he'll say you've got to do something for him personally if you are interested in getting the orb back and that something is to kill a goblin group leader who lives in a cave between the Dark Wizards' Tower and the little mine west of Falador and give him the head of the leader.

Visit the cave and guards will attack you, get them through until you locate Leader Yurnok who is level 61. He'll strike you with a giant spear that may hit around 18. As soon as you kill himhe will drop Yurnok's Head and bones, sometimes some coins and runes along with other valuables. Bring his mind back to Lug. Lug will provide you the orb which is called Orb of Breath. Proceed to the wizard Terran who is in the Wizards' Tower and he will thank you and give you 5,000 gp and let you've got the orb.

Go to Captain Murk and you'll set sail. As soon as you visit a broken wall the ship will cease and Captain Murk will let you know to dive there. Go down and you will discover a shipwreck. Go to a door and a guard will prevent you and knock you out. Then you will wake up in a prison in the palace. Speak to one of the guards and inquire why you were placed into jail. The guard will tell you that you're wearing no symbol.

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