How to Install Addons in World of Warcraft Classic


08.06.2021 @ 09.47

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World of Warcraft Classic has finally received the big update everyone has been waiting for: the Burning Crusade. Classic was originally released in 2019 for a large group of nostalgia-hungry fans, and one of the first chores for many gamers was to use plugins to customize the game to their liking.

Plugins have always been a huge part of World of Warcraft and have seen more and more uses over the years since the game was released. They allow players to do everything from customizing the user interface and calculating their DPS to using a complex system to earn world of warcraft gold at the auction house.

Seasoned World of Warcraft players will no doubt be familiar with the process of installing plugins. However, for those new to trying World of Warcraft with Classic or returning to the game after an extended absence, it may not be that obvious.

WoW classic plugin client
Before we dive into the plugins themselves, the easiest thing to do is to use the plugin manager to make things easier to use. Of course, you can install these yourself from various websites, but the client does all the work and allows you to get straight to the point.

Regarding the clients to be used, we recommend WowUp. Before CurseForge was sold to Overwolf, Twitch was also a great option for downloading plugins, but eventually the game ended mod support.

Managing your plugins with WowUp is easy and efficient. You can install, search, and update the game's available plugins right from the client.

Manual download of World of Warcraft Classic plugins
However, if you really want the full Classic experience, or want to install the plugins yourself for some reason, you can still install them manually.

After you have downloaded a plugin as a ZIP file from a site such as CurseForge or WoWInterface, you have to unzip the file and place it in the Classic WoW plugins folder.

How to install WoW Classic plugins manually
The method of manually installing the plugin for the game is also relatively straightforward. All you have to do is.

Download the plugin you want from the host site.
Find the installation location for your version of Classic. By default, this is in the program files.
Can't find it there? No problem - open the application.
From there, click the WoW Classic logo in the upper left corner of the application, then click the gear next to it in the lower left corner next to "Play".
Select "Show in Explorer". Your game will be installed here.
When you're done, extract the files and place them in your WoW Classic AddOns folder.
The path is: World of Warcraft / _Classic_ / Interface / AddOns.
That's it, you're good to go!
Once you have done this, you can restart the game.

How to use the add-on
Once you have installed the addon, an "Addon" button will appear in the lower left corner of the character selection screen when you log in. This will open a menu where you can enable or disable plugins and, in some cases, their components.

The plugin settings can also be found in the settings menu while in-game, although some changes may require you to log in again for them to take effect. Some plugins also have their own menus and settings.

Sometimes it can happen that your plugin is out of date and no longer works properly or no longer works at all. Assuming the creator keeps it up to date, you can easily download any available updates through your website or the plugin manager of your choice.

So there you have it! All about the best plugins that can be installed in WoW Classic.


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