If I have the ability to create it


19.09.2021 @ 09.39

If I have the ability to create it or obtain it from an enemy drop, that's how I will obtain the items. This includes staves, but not runes. Although I'll continue to purchase items from the GE as well as other players to improve my skilling, nothing is directly related to combat. Any advice/support would be welcome, my character is Joe4037 If you'd like to know the stats of my character.

This slot is for my current equipment that I use: Melee. I bought plates, a rune plate and made the adamant full-helm as well as the adamant warhammer. As an offhand I also crafted with a mirror shield. Magic: I have an air-based, mystic battlestaff. But, there's no armor. The ranger: I was able to get a green dragonhide leg and body, snakeskin boots and an apron, as well as a mithril crossbow with stainless bolts. I have ava’s device but it's the lowest level right now.

Other: I own an amulet of glory, regen bracelet, and some skillcapes. After careful consideration I'll make use of them. I will buy the equipment from NPCs.

I didn’t see this in announcements or updates, so I decided to post this up for everyone to see. Dear RuneScape Community. I would like to take a couple of minutes of your time to discuss the highly emotional issue that we are facing as an entire community bots.

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