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3b0's worlds change every time they meet 2 newbies in a world. Also, if you have people who dung less than 100 then you can actually kick them, dunging with friends that can dung and path is always better than playing dung with randoms even if they're in a clan and you want to be a part of a clan but don't be affected by them to invest in extra efforts or to assist other members of the clan for the sake of a more long floor- clans are best when you make a group large enough for you to be able to enjoy a great team whenever you're required to dung.

I have been leaning towards making the barrows gloves pure because I enjoy melee more than either ranged or magic. I've never even been to one, so it's an entirely new style of pure. Tell me what you think. Thanks!

The first thing I'd like to say is that I believe the Runcrafting minigame called the Great Orb Project, is the most lucrative way to earn cash. So get 50 RC ASAP! Train Atk and then Strike Men at Edgeville. Continue to The Guards of the royal palace in Al Kharid, and finishing with the Flesh Crawlers in the second Stronghold of Secruity. The most ideal place for Flesh Crawlers is the South-East corner of the room.

Range: You could train at men also, or even at cows. Make use of the safe zone between the two feeding bowls that are south in the Lumbridge cow patch. After you've hit about 20 , you can move on to the Minotaurs in the first level of the Stronghold of Secruity. Choose a room to your taste and then secure it away from an enclosure.

Iron arrows are dropped quite often. It's free training. Around around 40, train at Hill Giants until 50. Once you reach 50, head back towards the flesh creepers in that south-east corner room. You'll be able find them within the square near the closest door to the wall. This is the case for both doors. (You will easily be able to get 75 Str/Range with flesh crawlers.) If you're looking to eat, go to world 1 where you can find people who fish power providing free salmon or trout.

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