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19.03.2019 @ 09.34

I think that the buy Fortnite Items way they've been doing updates is actually intriguing. Obviously every match is a service today, and every game has things occurring once a week, twice a week, or whatever. But in this match I think there's a sense that you don't understand what's going to proceed when you log in. Today I logged in and there is aliens, spaceships in the sky, and each of the TVs are given this emergency broadcast signal and I don't understand why.

That continuing narrative, the fact that there's a comet and all of this stuff happening, and people aren't certain what, and the state of the world is changing--is really trendy.

Can you describe that storyline a bit? For the previous two weeks, there has been this thing that Epic, the programmer of this game, has not explained, it is just, you logged in and all of a sudden there is this weird thing from the sky. You're not positive whether it's a glitch or something. The match has this thing known as the Storm and that creates things in the sky that's an anomaly, which means you are not sure whether that is something. Two weeks later it gets slightly bigger, and 2 days after it gets bigger, and all of a sudden you're like, 'OK, I guess this is a comet that's coming closer to the island?'

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